Rental Terms

First Party Obligations (Owner Car)

  • Provide a Vehicle  unit in ready to use condition, and this condition is known and handed over to the Second Party in accordance with the minutes of vehicle handover
  • Declares that the car is under management rights of FIRST PARTY
  • Declares if FIRST PARTY received Original Passport / KTP from Second Party as a Guarantee for the delivery of the vehicles  and will be handed over again when the rental period is over.

Second Party Obligations (Tenants Car)

  • Take good care of the rental car and must refuel with Pertamax Plus and cars are not allowed to leave Bali Island unless there is prior agreement.
  • Before rental, the SECOND PARTY is expected to pay 30% down payment to the FIRST PARTY.
  • Pay full amount of rental fees as agree or no later than 3 days before handover the vehicle unit that was signed in the paperwork of vehicle handover letter.
  • Paying a Security Deposit of IDR. 15.000.000,- where the security deposit will be returned after the rental period is complete and the results of the final condition check of the vehicle
  • Submit the Original Passport as a guarantee for delivery rental car to FIRST PARTY ( applies to foreign citizen ) or provide complete personal data information and PHOTO ID (applies for Indonesian citizens )
  • If payment by Credit Card, all bank fees are charged to the SECOND PARTY
  • When leasing period is due, or when returning the vehicles there is any damage occurs either damage due to usage, accident and others, then all repair costs are fully responsible by SECOND PARTY with additional charge (rental fee) x ( times needed for reparation ) x ( 50%)
  • The SECOND PARTY acknowledges that all damage to rental cars cannot be covered under any insurance
  • If there is traffic violation is caused by a SECOND PARTY, then all costs are the responsibility of the SECOND PARTY
  • The SECOND PARTY may not transfer, or lease it back to another party
  • In case Vehicle is lost or total damage more than 50%, the Second Party replaces 100% from the price of the vehicle in no later than 2 working days, and the vehicle mentioned becomes the property of the SECOND PARTY.
  • The SECOND PARTY is willing to be reported to the authorities, if they do not comply with this agreement
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