Because the deposit money is a money guarantee for insurance claims if at any time there is an accident or damage to the car caused by user error, all damage will be covered by insurance, but if the vehicle rental trip on the return of the vehicle has no damage, the deposit will be returned entirely by transfer .

No, we do not allow the vehicle order giver to increase the rental car price to companies / agencies that provide a budget for renting a vehicle. We will maintain the credibility of our company by not manipulating prices and legalizing corrupt practices against company / agency employees who rent our vehicles.

Yes, of course. If you have met the criteria we have outlined on the terms and conditions page

  • If the damage is caused by carelessness or fault of the tenant, but can still be replaced by insurance, the deposit paid will be forfeited.
    example: collisions, abrasions, berets, etc.
  • If the damage is caused by carelessness and fault of the tenant, but cannot be replaced by insurance, the tenant must replace the damage.
    example: modifying the vehicle, not notifying the Keenansupercar when the car is due for service, the radiator water is dry, etc.
  • If the genuine damage from the vehicle is due to usage, then the tenant is not charged for replacement, and the tenant is entitled to a vehicle replacement if the damage takes more than 4 hours to repair.
    Example: Battery wear, tire wear, clutch plate, etc.
  • Keenansupercar will take care of the problem of vehicle damage. Tenants are prohibited from repairing the car in any workshop as long as it has not received confirmation and approval from Keenansupercar. If the car is repaired without approval, the deposit is forfeited and repair costs are not reimbursed.
  • If the car has a problem with the local police, causing the car to be detained as evidence. The tenant is required to pay the cost of removing the car from the police station and still pay the rent as long as the car is still at the police station.
  • If the car cannot be run, then the tenant is responsible for the cost of the crane to the Keenansupercar partner workshop
  • If the accident takes a life, the car rental company is not responsible for the accident victim.
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