About Us

Bali Island is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Bali has the best hotels in the world with beaches that are very famous for their beauty along with all the busy activities and beautiful natural scenery. Bali Island is located next to Jawa Island and Lombok Island. The capital city of Bali Island is Denpasar which is located in the southern part of the island. Bali is a gathering place for various tourists from all over the world who want to have a vacation.
Many tourists from various countries make I Gede Yopi Indrajaya, S.T. who is familiarly called Yopi. Yopi thought of opening a car rental on the island of Bali. Even though many have opened car rentals on the island of Bali, this has not dampened Yopi’s enthusiasm to open car rentals because more and more people are looking for cars to rent on the island of Bali.
Yopi founded a luxury car rental agent which is engaged in transportation called Keenansupercar. Keenansupercar is a car rental service provider in Bali that was founded by I Gede Yopi Indrajaya, S.T. was established on October 18 2015 with a very strategic location at Jln Uluwatu Gang Kelapa Buntu, Kedonganan, Badung Regency, Bali. Keenansupercar can also be accessed via google by writing the cheapest luxury car rental in Bali (Keenan Supercar). Keenansupercar has the tagline “Let’s Find your Ideal Car” which means let’s find your dream car because Keenansupercar wants to make customers feel like their own dream car and experience the best service, different from other car rental places.
Keenansupercar provides many selected car units. We also provide maximum service and rental prices that are quite cheap and competitive, use experienced drivers / drivers who have high flying hours, work professionally and are friendly. Our drivers also have good English skills and good service. Our professional drivers will be happy to take you anywhere, for various purposes such as company meetings, delivering from hotel to airport, picking up from airport to hotel, taking you to various destinations, for personal needs, weddings and others.
The car rental price includes the driver and of course uses the latest fleet. We are able to serve you up to 24 hours. Our cars are guaranteed to receive regular maintenance at the best official workshops and always keep our cars clean, so that it will make your trip more enjoyable and of course your comfort is maintained.
To increase the attractiveness of its customers, renting a car in Keenansupercar is doing a promotion. Promotional steps taken through his friends by giving discounts along with the times, Keenansupercar also promotes through Facebook ads, Instagram ads and websites but it’s all very effective today because everyone is looking for anything through digital technology.
From years of experience in car rental services in Bali, you will get many benefits:
– We provide luxury car rental prices that are cheap and competitive, competitive and equal to the facilities we provide.
– We use professional drivers with experience and high flying hours, and have good English skills.
– We realize that the client’s time is very important, so we as a car rental service provider in Bali will ensure that you will arrive at your destination safely, comfortably and on time.

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